Manage Data

The amount of information and the details that can be stored against each 'type' of information (candidate, client or job) has slowly evolved as result of regular client consultations. The resulting database represents industry expertise / insight into what criteria is useful in candidate selection processes and business development.

Non-exhaustive sample fields:

  • Consultancy Staff: Consultant names/login details
  • Job seekers: contact information, qualifications, education/training/skills, specialisation, employment history, social media profiles, location preferences, contract requirements (type, salary etc), legal standing, miscellaneous notes etc
  • Recruiters/Clients: contact information, multiple office addresses, profile (industry), invoicing details, current employees, miscellaneous notes etc
  • Vacancies : client/employer, job description, job profile (skills required, contract type etc), contact, consultant, profile matches (potential candidates inc. summary info, quick contact details, automated match score, consultant assigned suitability, application status etc.)
  • Statuses: recruiterSoft provides both standardised options to define jobseeker, recruiter and vacancy statuses (inc Availability, Type, Candidate Progression etc) as well as customisable fields where consultancies can define statuses such as jobseeker seniority & candidate suitability according to their own expertise and preferences.
  • Localisation: country, region, county and city/town level search options, additional details for display (non searchable), graphical user interface, custom mapping.
  • Documents: Store variety of document file types associated to individual jobseekers, vacancies and/or recruiters.
  • Notes: Record a summary of communications associated to individual jobseekers, vacancies and/or recruiters, defined by type with the option to add files.
  • History: Automated log of key events associated to individual jobseekers, vacancies and/or recruiters including registration, career opportunities and application statuses
  • Event details: store calendar events (with automated reminders) against personal or colleague's calendars.
  • Reports: Analyse business performance through a variety of statistical reports.

The information store is complemented by advanced search functionality which consultants can use to identify candidates, jobs or clients by other industry specific criteria. Additionally, recruiterSoft has automated CV parsing (candidate data import) functionality together with job matching functionality together with......

Example Industries

  • I.T.
  • Scientific
  • Technical
  • Engineering
  • www

  • Technology
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction

  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Analysts
  • Architects
  • Programmers

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